23 August 2005


Outside the cathedral in Trier: "Let's go in the castle! Who lives in the castle? A princess!"

Inside the cathedral, at the altar rail in front of a shrine containing a relic of Christ: "Mama, what's the god's name in this church?" (She's not really clear that the pastor is not God.)

She's been playing on and off with "pretend Sophia" who seems to come in all shapes and sizes.

  • "Fophia is 'ittle, 'ittle. (clenches her fist and then opens it) Look, I smushed Fophia!"
  • "Come on, baby Fophia. Mama, I can't hold baby and go down the steps. (mimes eating something out of her hand) Look, Mama, I ate Fophia! Now she's in my tummy and she will grow and grow and grow and grow!" (hmm, still remembers pregnant Vicki, I guess)
  • "Mama, Fophia needs a plate, too! Fophia needs macaroni and cheese, too!"
  • Tonight, getting ready for bed: "Mama, Fophia is in my house (her playhouse in the back yard). She's having a time out."

Goldilocks also comes to visit, but she just mostly eats pretend porridge.


Dave said...

Wow, these are great! I love the fact that she can *eat* her invisible friend and then give birth to her again. That is so Rabelaisian.

The other night when we were all over at Pop-pop's house, Morgan was obsessing over a book about childbirth, pestering every available adult to read it to her again and again. I don't know if she has one particular invisible friend, but she had no problem in imagining a family of trolls (for example) as soon as my Dad starting helping her build houses for them in the grass. I think we worry a lot, as a society, about the impressionability of young children - and we should. But the flip side of that is the unbelievable power and suppleness of their imaginations.

Jennifer said...

Sometimes I think we don't worry enough about the impressionability of young children. I'm amazed at what Katrina now picks up from adult conversations when we don't even think she's listening. Another mom was talking about a little boy who fell from a window (this was while K and her daughter were playing). Later, Katrina asked, "Mama, what did the boy do in the window?"