21 April 2010

New Looks

Katrina got her hair cut yesterday, and she wanted it short. Shorter than she’s ever had it, if I recall correctly. And suddenly, there she was, all grown up.


Well, if you disregard the cute monkeys on her nightgown. This was after she washed and I blow-dried it. You know that advice that hairdressers give? “I layered it just a little bit on the ends so that it will curl under. Just blow dry it using a round brush, and it will go under.” That NEVER works for me. My hair has just enough of a mind of its own that it flips up on one side no matter what. I was beginning to think that the “blow-dry with a round brush” thing was a hoax perpetrated on innocent salon customers by deceptive hairdressers. BUT look at this!


Curled under with a round brush! Once again, it’s just me.



Also? Annika finally got her new glasses. We picked them up on Sunday. On Tuesday, I took them back in because Annika had already bent them. They were fixable, though, and she’s actually tolerating them a bit better than the last pair. Fingers crossed.



The plus side is, no matter what she’s doing, it all looks very important.

18 April 2010

Catching Up: Easter

Katrina’s two-week spring break has ended; back to school tomorrow. Oh, yeah, and, uh, I turned 40. But enough about me…let’s see pictures of my adorable, YOUNG children.

In their Easter dresses on a pretty but windy, cool day.




We invited friends over for Easter dinner. And we offered stellar entertainment: a game of Uno, followed by Go Fish and then quality time on the couch with my two little button-pushers.


E., do you have a….dinosaur?



Katrina playing a game with our friend J. (and Annika). Each one on their own electronic device…in the same room. Who needs board games when you have smart phones?


Annika learning a key skill in today’s world: pointing her finger.


It was a lovely day, wind and all.


Next up, maybe tomorrow: our trip to Holland.