25 March 2010

The Joy of Spring


We walked through the smallish bit of woods behind our house. I saw beer bottles, blackberry brambles, and power lines. Katrina collected bits of bark and smooth stones for a fairy house and said, “That was an adventure! Can we have another adventure tomorrow?”


Welcome, fairies!


"Walk unsteadily and carry a big stick."

03 March 2010

It's a Miracle!

Updated: And the winner is Aunt Wendy! This is the first time in 4 years that Katrina has voluntarily worn anything denim. With a belt, even (a SILVER belt, which was part of the draw). It's too loose around her waist, of course, and she did not allow me to tighten the belt enough, but baby steps, baby steps. Not wearing jeans is not a big deal in the abstract...who cares? Let her be comfortable. But casual clothes for her age? Jeans and T-shirts. And jeans, and more jeans. So, yay!

All righty, folks, let's see who can spot the miracle in this picture. The first correct commenter wins...um, a book from one of the many boxes of books residing in our attic? Yeah, that's it! Please comment below this entry and not on Facebook. Let the fierce competition between all five of my readers begin!