03 March 2006

Snow Days

Today the snowstorm hit full force. It's been snowing steadily since about 10:30 a.m. (after it snowed a few more inches overnight). The base essentially shut down and sent everyone home around 2:30 pm. Never have I been more thankful that Jon got home early from work.

With snow falling faster than you could shovel it, Katrina and I were not going anywhere. We watched TV, shoveled snow from the driveway (about 2 inches at 11 am--when Jon shoveled it again at 4 pm, there were at least 4 inches), and took a sled ride around the block. Then painting. That plus lunch brought us to about 2 pm.

Here's what happens when a high-energy three-year-old is stuck at home for the second snow day in a row:

What you can't tell from the pictures is that Katrina was "dancing" to the demo songs from the roll-up electronic keyboard she got for Christmas. At full volume. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

Actually, it was pretty cute. Especially when a song came on that she thought was sad, so she rubbed her eyes, pretended to cry, and fell dramatically on the couch. When the next song came on, she was up and running again.

Tomorrow should be fun. They're predicting 2-4 more inches overnight. Time to build a gargantuan snowman!

Confidential to Mom: Happy Birthday! I'd call, but I'm not sure where you are today.


~ Amaris ~ said...

Love the pictures of your baby girl! My girls said "whose that!" and then when I read about her dancing, crying and falling on the couch, my girls laughed with me. So very cute. Wish you lived close by. My girls really would love a nice girl to play with (and I would love for them to not play with the neighbor boys so much - they are really rough sometimes!)

What a nice blog too. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for reading, Amaris!

My girl bosses the boys on the playground around...and they generally do what she says! The girls, on the other hand, are not so quick to fall in line!.