20 May 2006

Why the Seven Dwarves Always Look so Happy

OK, so I didn't make Katrina clean up the mess in the bathroom yesterday, since I figured she'd want to play there this morning, too (reason #42 I'm a fun mom but a terrible housekeeper). So, last night as we were brushing teeth, etc., we saw this little guy.

And then, just a little to the left, Dopey looked like he was having fun, too.

It was 11:30 pm after a long, rainy day. Jon and I laughed and laughed. And laughed. I thought it was just the late hour, but I find it just as amusing today. I have such a sophisticated sense of humor.

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sally apokedak said...

I just popped over from Barbara's blog and wanted to write to you but don't see an email address anywhere. Anyway it was no big deal, but I just wanted to encourage you and to tell you that I got it. And I think you were making a valid point.