25 October 2006

Quick Update

Yes, I'm still here. Kinda. My computer is kaputt. I'm using Jon's until we get back to the States in December. The German computers have German keyboards, so I don't want one of those (on a desktop, I could switch out keyboards, of course, but you don't really have that option on a laptop). And the BX here has limited option at higher prices than you can get just ordering direct from HP or Dell or whatever. So Jon set up an account for me on his laptop so I can send and receive e-mail and get online.

I'm nearly recovered from what turned out to be two D&C's less than a week apart. Note to anyone seeing a new doctor: when you hand them your medical records, don't expect that they'll actually READ them or anything. Do remind them BEFORE you go into surgery that you have funky anatomy and they might want to PAY ATTENTION to anything unusual. 'Cause if you don't? You may have to go through it all again, after spending the weekend wondering if you've finally cracked and are having psychologically-induced pregnancy symptoms. The good part was that the second surgery was done by the head of the practice, who I found to be much more on the ball (well, she should be, since they basically already made a mistake with me); more fluent in English; and having reassuring, motherly bedside manner. I think I'll stick with her if I can (she's incredibly busy, and having met her, I know why).

Katrina has started swimming lessons and loves them. Funny how she'll let a relative stranger teach her to do something, yet balk when her own parents attempt to teach the exact same thing. Of course, we're not exactly qualified swim teachers, but Miss Angie got her to float on her back in 2 lessons. Something both Jon and I had attempted before, but K. resisted. Ah, the magic of perky, enthusiastic swim instructors!

That's it for now. Time to pick up Katrina from school.


Dave said...

So sorry to hear about your recent travails. It sounds like you've really had a grim time of it.

Re: perky swim instructors, that works beter with some kids than others. My brother Mark never did learn how to swim from those kind of instructors, after several years of lessons. Then Steve took him down to the river and had him swimming in one afternoon.

Heidi Ann said...

You are sounding much better :-)

Isn't it amazing how other people can teach our kids to do things better than we can? Same thing with Morgan and the swimming. Must be a girl thing. Derek learned when I threw him in a neighbor's pool. It was either sink or swim at that point. Wasn't I a nice sister - NOT!!!