30 January 2007

Why My Daughter Might Become a Funeral Director

Upon seeing a dead cat in the road: "How did it die? Why did a car hit it? What are those birds doing? Will the cat's spirit go to heaven? Somebody needs to clean up the road!"

Upon hearing me read the section of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe where Aslan kills the White Witch: "How did he make the witch get dead? Did he bite her? I think he bit her like this [makes growling sounds and pretends to bite my neck.] Did she taste good? [Rubs her tummy and makes eating sounds.] Yum, yum!"

Upon seeing bits of the Gerald Ford funeral on television, and us explaining what it was: "How did he get dead? Is his skin peeling off now?"

You know, I'm not really prepared to explain decomposition to a four-year-old. Where babies come from? I'm good with that. The cause of death and current state of a former president? I don't think that one's covered in the parenting books.

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