29 April 2007

This One's for Wendy

Yesterday, we did some spring cleaning, including going through Katrina's clothes and getting rid of what didn't fit. In one of the drawers, Katrina found a dress that I had put away, oh, about a year ago, when spring turned into summer.

"Look, Mama!! I love this dress! It's my favorite!!"

"But, sweetie, it's a size 5. You're a size 6 now. I don't think it will fit."

"It fits, Mama, see? Can I wear it today? Can I?"

"If you really want to, but it's hot today. I think you'll get hot in it."

"No, Mama, I'm cold. I want to wear it."


(By the way, Katrina pulled this dress off the clearance rack at the BX last year, so I think it is her first non-parent-guided clothing choice.)

Jon says he doesn't understand why I don't like this outfit. He thinks it's cute. I suppose it would have been cute in 1985 at the Deb Shop. And of course, for 4-year-old girls who love both pink and sequins.


the fashion police aunt said...

Oh, for the love of God, do that child a favor and destroy that ridiculous dress! I promise she'll thank you some day. I would have lied in the store, and told her that it cost $500, and that we couldn't afford it. And it's so much worse than these pictures reveal... At least she hasn't demanded to accesserize it this year with bunny ears, tights and sneakers.

Jennifer said...

Well, no, she's wearing pink and orange flip-flops.

So, that was Saturday. Sunday, she wore a different dress to church and then got it wet playing in the yard in the afternoon. She got THE dress out of the hamper and put it back on.

Oh, yes she did. And I didn't care. Because at least I talked her out of going to church in it when she first got it out that morning.

Katy McKenna said...

Why do I love this dress? Because I raised my little girl (now 25) in the 80s? Tee, hee. I think she looks quite lovely. Really nice blog, Jennifer!!