16 June 2007

Let's Play!

Mama, I'm a puppy, and you be my owna! A puppy doesn't know how to wash its hands. You have to help me. A puppy can't brush its teef, Mama! You bwush my teef. OK, I can climb in bed. Tomowwow when I wake up, I'm still gonna be a puppy, OK?

Mama! Let's play with this (Polly Pockets riding horses)! Mama! You be the blue one and I'll be the pink one. AWWW! Her hat won't stay on!!! Mama, can you help me? Mama, I can't get this dwess on, you put it on her. Mama! It's your biwthday pawty and you'we my sistew and I'm going to go buy your pwesent. Ding-dong! Open the doow, Mama! Happy Biwthday! Hewe's your pwesent! Now I'm going to make your cake.

Mama! Fiwst we have to eat what's good for us. I'll have pizza and you can have a cheeseburger. Our fwiends (she lined up about seven small stuffed animals complete with plates, tea cups, and a single piece of hard candy on each plate) can just eat that candy. OK! Time for cake! Blow out the candles! Oh, they'we the candles that light back up. Blow again! No, they'we still lighted. Let's both blow on them! No, they still came back. Let me do it. OK, they're out. Want a piece of cake? Oh, that piece is too big for your plate. That's bettew. Now my cake. The amimals don't need cake. They just eat their candy.

Now it's time for our sleepovew pawty! Mama, move this table! There's not enough woom for our sleeping bags. OK! Time to sleep! I need these amimals to sleep with. Which ones do you want, Mama? OK, now it's time to sleep. Sssh! Don't open your eyes!

BOO! Wake up!

(Later) Mama! I'm a secwet agent looking for a lost kitty. A WEAL lost kitty, not a stuffed one. Kitty! Kitty!

Look, Mama, I found the kitty (cradling a stuffed cat)! I'm a secwet agent, and I have to keep the kitty safe fwom the bad guys. No, I don't want to take a bath because I'm a secwet agent.

Mama! Keep watching that kitty! The bad guys want to TAKE it! And they want to take its collar, too.

Mama, I'm a gekecktive! I look for lost kitties and lost PEOPLE. I'm a, a, kee-gec-tive.

Oh, no! I forgot the kitty! Come hewe, kitty.

Mama, why did Wapunzel mawwy the bad pwince? (I took her to see Shrek 3 today) Why did hew haiw fall off? Was she weally a boy? What happened to hew haiw?

OK, Mama. Good-night. I love you.

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