17 April 2008

Hi, There.

Um, yeah, like, I'm back. What with getting ready to go to the States, being in the States, getting back from the States, and taking a little side trip to Euro Disney, just haven't had the time or brain power to blog. And even if I had something to write, my little one has renewed her obsession with Webkinz and has been on my computer at every opportunity.

This morning, Katrina not only read her homework but used her two Webkinz (a stuffed pink pony and a smaller stuffed white unicorn) to act out Harriet Tubman's flight to freedom. (Harriet Tubman for a five year old: "Harriet wanted to be free. She ran in the dark. Men with dogs chased her. She ran in the creek. The dogs couldn't smell her. She hid with friends. She ran and ran until she was free.") The white unicorn was Harriet. The pink pony was the dogs. She paused after each sentence to make one or the other talk. High voice: "I'm running in the creek!" Shaking pink pony: "Ruff, ruff, I can't smell her anymore!" Who needs Uncle Tom's Cabin when you have such a stellar dramatic interpretation at your own kitchen table?

In other news, baby is doing fine. I'm at 22 weeks and had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything looks good, and I got to see the little one sucking her thumb and hiccuping on the sonogram. Yes, her. At least, that's what the sonogram shows (or, rather, doesn't show). She is now in a transverse position (lying horizontally across the uterus), which is the exact same position Katrina was in from this point to the end of pregnancy. So getting a lot of kicks on the right side. A LOT. And getting stronger. Another "very active" baby. You mean there are other kinds? Since having Katrina, I do get amused at the assumption that boys are higher energy than girls. Because, my word, it's hard to imagine a toddler boy being any more active than my daughter was. Now that she's older, I do see a difference in her being more verbal than *some* of the boys. But at two? It was off to the races.

That's about it for now, except for me whining about the weather. It was 35 degrees this morning. We had rain and hail yesterday afternoon. Last year at this time it was 70 degrees (which, admittedly, was highly unusual for Europe in April). I want it to get warm! WAH!

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