02 August 2008

Almost But Not Yet

Friday, the doctor said Wednesday night. If she continued to do well, we could take her home on Friday.

Thursday was hot. Very hot. No air conditioning in the hospital. Annika was dressed in a onesie, a long-sleeved shirt, and fuzzy velour-like pants. And socks. And two blankets on top. She had multiple instances of shallow breathing, leading to drops in heartrate (bradycardia).

We're not happy about the shallow breathing, the doctor said Friday morning. We'd like to keep her until Monday, and then re-evaluate.

No bradycardias today or yesterday, only Thursday. So, maybe Monday.

In the meantime, pictures!


Wendy said...

Wow, she REALLY looks like Katrina as a baby.

Sarah said...

Praying her home (along with half the rest of the world, I'm sure).