17 June 2009

First Birthday

I've been writing two posts...in my head. So, looking back at the past year will have to wait. But here's what happened today!

This is at 6:50 am. Annika woke up at 5:30, Katrina at 6:15. Katrina has been looking at Annika's birthday packages for a week. She begged to open "just one" this morning, so I let her.

After dinner, we opened the others. Or, rather, Katrina did.


She wasn't too sure about the squishy icing at first. But all it took was one taste.

Oops. Dropped some. Must squish it in my lap.

Yay, cake!!

Ew! She's all messy!

Wait a minute! Where'd the cake go? I want more cake!


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