21 November 2009

You Know You’re the Parent of a Toddler When…

  • you enter a beautifully decorated house and wince at the swathe of destruction that is surely imminent.
  • you breathe a sigh of relief when your host whisks the lovely runner and basket of flowers off the coffee table.
  • Saturdays are the highlight of your week because you get to go to the bathroom alone, with the door shut.
  • a ten-minute shower in the morning seems absolutely luxurious.
  • the bottom two shelves of your bookcase are empty.
  • the toilet paper is on the window sill instead of on the holder.
  • you have to wrestle with child locks to get a dish out of the cupboard.
  • you have to wrestle with a baby gate to go up the stairs.
  • no trip out of the house is complete without a diaper bag.
  • the diapers are the least important things in the diaper bag…heaven forbid you are caught without snacks or small toys in a public place.
  • you can accurately interpret various grunts, screeches, and gestures—but only for your own child, as every toddler invents their own “language.”
  • you compose long mental lists of everything you will do during The Nap, but when the time actually comes, you’re too worn out to do any of it.
  • it’s been so long since you had an uninterrupted conversation that you wonder if you’ve forgotten how.
  • you can’t believe how sweet her smile is, and you’re convinced you’ve never heard a more infectious giggle.

Have I missed anything? Add your own!


We call her Destructo-Baby.


Sarah said...

Mmmhmmmm, is about all I can add! So true!

mattalbright said...

Ah yeah, I remember those days! And now that Annika is about 18 months old (right?), imagine having a newborn! Good times!

Looking forward to meeting Miss Destructo.

Wendy said...

Um, how about you find yourself saying, "What did Mommy say?" to your husband?

Love that last picture. McCain needed Annika the Plumber on his campaign - he surely would have won, then!

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