17 February 2010

Annika’s Vocabulary (20 months old)

Hieeeee!= Hi!

Hawwo = Hallo/Hello

Hiya! = Hiya!  (once in a while…this is her “third” language, British English from the Mums and Tots playgroup we attend)


MommEEE = Mama, you better pay attention NOW!


Deeeeda = Katrina

Djoooo! = Juice, water, or anything in a bottle or cup

DjOOooo (sing-song) = Tschuess! (Bye in German)

Boo! = Peek-a-boo

Bup = Up

Da = Down

Cwackuh = Cracker (or any snack she sees and wants)

Cooooookee = Cookie

Day-doo = Thank you

Da-ga = Danke (She says one, then the other, every time.)

Ee-yow = Meow

Eye-eeee = eye

Ow-ah = Auge (German for eye)

Doh = Nose

Haaaah = Hair/Haare

Ha = Head

Hah (whispered) =  hot/heiss

EE-yews = Ears

Teee = Teeth

Bla-la-la-la (tongue in and out) = tongue (that totally counts!)

Ga-ga = glasses


Nigh-Nigh = Night-night

Bap = Nap

Gock = sock

Mo pees = More, please (when prompted)

Aw-dun, aw-dun, aw-dun = All done

Baby (refers to any baby or small child, even those older than her)

Jeh-too = Gentle (while stroking dog or baby)


Stranger save of the week (day?)

In the commissary, Annika is strapped into the seat on the cart. I am turned away, toward Katrina and the row of candy she is lobbying to buy. Suddenly, I hear a woman say “Uh, oh, no, no!” I turn to see the (wonderful! kind!) woman gently taking my now-open dozen of eggs out of Annika’s hands. Another few seconds and they would h ave been on the floor—thrown, not dropped, I expect. Yay for kind, alert strangers in the store!




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