25 March 2010

The Joy of Spring


We walked through the smallish bit of woods behind our house. I saw beer bottles, blackberry brambles, and power lines. Katrina collected bits of bark and smooth stones for a fairy house and said, “That was an adventure! Can we have another adventure tomorrow?”


Welcome, fairies!


"Walk unsteadily and carry a big stick."


Anonymous said...

I see two amazing things - Katrina in another pair of jeans and Annika with more hair. Now that's what progress is all about! Char

Jennifer said...

Nah, Katrina is wearing grey sweats in that top picture. She only has that one pair of denim capris. But she has worn them several times now, so that't good. Maybe by fall I'll talk her into trying on full-length jeans.

And the hair IS progressing. Slowly. Long enough to get messed up while she sleeps, short enough that you basically have to spit-shine it because a comb won't work.