21 April 2010

New Looks

Katrina got her hair cut yesterday, and she wanted it short. Shorter than she’s ever had it, if I recall correctly. And suddenly, there she was, all grown up.


Well, if you disregard the cute monkeys on her nightgown. This was after she washed and I blow-dried it. You know that advice that hairdressers give? “I layered it just a little bit on the ends so that it will curl under. Just blow dry it using a round brush, and it will go under.” That NEVER works for me. My hair has just enough of a mind of its own that it flips up on one side no matter what. I was beginning to think that the “blow-dry with a round brush” thing was a hoax perpetrated on innocent salon customers by deceptive hairdressers. BUT look at this!


Curled under with a round brush! Once again, it’s just me.



Also? Annika finally got her new glasses. We picked them up on Sunday. On Tuesday, I took them back in because Annika had already bent them. They were fixable, though, and she’s actually tolerating them a bit better than the last pair. Fingers crossed.



The plus side is, no matter what she’s doing, it all looks very important.


Dave said...

The plus side is, no matter what she's doing, it all looks very important.
Yes, that last photo really made me chuckle. So studious!

Anonymous said...

Love your haircut, Katrina. And, yes, Annika is certainly an intent little girl.

Anonymous said...

I remember when 'attt wore that nNavy dress at your mom and dad's for Easter. Your mom picked it out with a hat. Both girls have been adorable in it. And love Kat's hair. So stylish. Enjoy the spring. Char

Anonymous said...

Sorry for typos. Not too good with Blackberry typing yet. Char

Wendy said...

Tell K I like her hair... it looks more like mine now. :) And mine always curls under with a round brush - it must be the fine hair vs the more course?