26 December 2007

December at our House

Busy, busy, busy, as I'm sure everyone else was. Here are a few pictures of our Christmas.

We got to a few Christmas markets in early December. The one in Kaiserslautern is just the right size for an afternoon.

Last week was Katrina's holiday program/party at school. The kids sang about 10 songs, then decorated gingerbread houses.

And then, there was Christmas morning in our jammies and Christmas afternoon in our, um, safety goggles.

School doesn't start back up until January 7. This morning, I scheduled one playdate for Friday, and later today or tomorrow morning, I'll try to line up a few more. I like that we decided on just relaxing at home for a bit, instead of another trip, but Katrina needs social interaction like we need air. Thank goodness a number of her friends are also staying close to home for Christmas. Enough for a different friend to come over probably every day until school starts up. Maybe we can be the ones to give some parents a break...especially the moms with deployed husbands. But it's not really altruistic; parents of only children know that in some cases, taking care of two kids CAN be easier than taking care of one. Let the playdates begin!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I dropped by your blog in an unusual way: I Googled the term "shiny happy Christians" and your blog entry came up. I hate the idea of "shiny happy Christians" because life is just not "shiny happy" all the time.

I have an eight year old son with autism and we just started him on a gluten-free, casein-free diet. Life can be good sometimes but life can also be difficult.

Feel free to drop by my blog and leave a message!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by, Tina! I hope the GFCF diet works for your son. Now that I've been at it for a while, the GF diet is second nature, although it can still be frustrating when trying to eat at restaurants and other people's houses.

Jennifer said...
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