18 January 2008

Big News

Now, my sister may have just given birth to the cutest baby girl on earth (well, that's what she tells me, and the pictures sure are cute) on January 9--but that doesn't mean that OTHER family members can't also have milestones to be forever remembered.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, Katrina got her first loose tooth.

Oh, yeah, and strep throat. (As does at least 4 of her classmates. Including one with scarlet fever, which apparently is strep plus rash and other nasty stuff. I have never been so glad to live in a time with antibiotics.)

Oh, all right, a loose tooth just can't compete with the miracle of life. Welcome to the world, Taylor Alexa! By the time you see your cousin, she'll be missing at least one tooth.

Perhaps at some point in the next year, between Taylor getting her teeth and Katrina losing hers, they will have a matching number of teeth and gaps. Get your cameras ready!

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