24 September 2008

Baby Talk

Eh, eh, eh, eh (accompanied by head moving back and forth) = "Mother, I'm feeling a bit peckish."

Eh, eh, eh, ehEHeh, EHHHHHH! = "I'm starving! Gimme food NOW!"

WAH! (accompanied by arching of back or drawing up of legs) = "Oh! The agony of gas pains! OWIEEEEEE!"

AhAHah, ahAHah, AhAHah = "You're not moving fast enough! Pick me up/give me bottle/get me out of this car seat NOW!"

(grunting, with face going red) = "Oh! The agony of pooping! Better gear up to change diaper!"

And finally...

"I can hold the baby if you need help." = "Give me my grandbaby. Now."

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Haha... I usually follow that up with, "are you saying that you would like to hold her?" which usually gets the reply, "If you NEED me to."

It's also fun to take it literally, "Um, well, I think I have the baby-holding under control, but since you're offering help, the toilets could use some attention."

Love you, Mom. ;)