17 September 2008

Double Digits

Annika is now 10 pounds! We had a follow-up appointment at the preemie clinic, and the doctor deemed her normal and doing well. She is still slightly anemic, but we were able to cut her iron dosage in half. Someday I'll have enough brain cells and quiet time to write an actual...post whatchmacallit...that makes--whatdoyacallit?--sense...and lasts longer than, well, this.

Aw, no one cares about the words. Bring on the baby pictures! Well, only one today. What a blog slacker.

Snoozin' on Grammy...don't you dare put me down! I will scream the scream of the the lonely and unloved! I don't care if you're hungry, thirsty, or unclean...as soon as I touch the crib/bassinet/bouncy seat I will wake up, and you. will. be. sorry.

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Wendy said...

I know I keep repeating myself, but, holy crap, she looks so much like Katrina! Once she has the surgery on her lip, I predict it will be difficult to tell their baby pics apart. She may have had a wee start, but she's going to be a chubalicious chunker-baby like her cousin. And her sister. And her other cousin. And well, like nearly every baby born into this family.