21 November 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

Annika and I are home from the hospital! The surgeon said the surgery went perfectly. Her nose is already looking much more symmetrical. Her incision is covered with thin strips if medical tape, making her look like she has whiskers. But her upper lip looks nearly normal to me, except for the vertical line of black stitches slightly left of center.

She doesn't seem to be in much pain, and is smiling off and on. Eating is a bit of a challenge. She seems to be trying not to engage her upper lip too much, which makes for somewhat messy feedings. On the other hand, when she does use her upper lip, the milk comes a bit too fast for her and she chokes a bit. We may experiment with slower-flow nipples as she heals a bit more.

My husband will take her back up to the hospital next Wednesday to get stitches out; she will need general anaesthesia for that, so they may stay the night just for observation afterwards.

Annika's face will continue to change over the next year. It should be interesting to watch. Right now, we're relieved it all went well.


Marianne Thomas said...

Hi - here via Conversion Diary's 7 quick takes.

I'm guessing cleft lip? From the above picture, your little dolly looks like she's healing well.

How stressful for you, though.

Nice to meet you!

Jennifer said...

Hi, Marianne,

Yes, cleft lip, and she continues to do well. Thanks for stopping by!