26 November 2008

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

These are the three books Katrina chose at bedtime.

Together, they just about sum up her personality.

In other news, Annika and hubby went up to Mainz today to get Annika's stitches out. Because of her prematurity, the anethesiologist is being extra careful and keeping Annika overnight in the hospital just to make sure she has no adverse reactions. So it's awful quiet this evening. I have one picture of the "new, improved" baby, taken with hubby's phone, so not my usual stellar photo quality (it's hard to write that with a straight face). So, here is the preliminary "reveal" of Extreme Makeover: Baby Edition.

More pictures to come, of course.

But for tonight, a good night's sleep. A luxury...if I could just stop feeling like there's something (someone) missing.


Wendy said...

Mom finally got Internet back and wants to learn how to use the comment section, so I'm just practicing for her.

Mom said...

Ah, So cute. They really did a great job on her lip. Praise God it's all over - now you can all relax and enjoy the holidays without added stress.

Jennifer said...

Hi Jennifer- Annika looks stellar. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and say hello to Katrina from Clare.


mattalbright said...

Looking at the picture of Annika, I'm feeling like there's something missing too... um, hair? Looks like she's completely bald in that pic! Any signs of hair coming in, or is she going to be a Wendy?

But her lip and nose looks great! Looks like they did a great job.

Dave said...

Looks like you all will be having a very happy Thanksgiving indeed.

Jennifer said...

Yay, Mom! You did it!

Matt: Hee! She does have just a bit of hair, but it is very fine and close to her head. Looks lightish brown or reddish. Peach fuzz, really. Katrina had the same, and she had (at least noticeable) hair by age 1. I like bald babies, though...I don't know why Wendy is so obsessive about it. :)

Jennifer: Best wishes to you all, too! I'll tell Katrina, and I can tell you what she'll do: put on a sad look and say mournfully, "I miss Clare. She was my bestest friend." (Whoever she's thinking about/missing at the time is her best friend...she's been known to go down a list of five or six kids and deem them all her best friends!)

Thanks, Dave, hope you have a good holiday as well.