25 May 2009

Honesty Is for Suckers

Thursday was the first day of Katrina's half-term break, and we were to meet some schoolfriends at the pool. This was the first time I've been in a swimsuit since before I got pregnant with Annika.

"Ugh. This swimsuit fits a bit too tight since..." I muttered, about to finish the sentence with "since the baby."

But Katrina was too fast for me. "Since you got fat?" she said sympathetically.

well, uh, YES, actually. Thanks for noticing.

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Wendy said...

Is it bad that I am cracking up? Yes? You should take your cues from lil sis; I just went and bought a new one in my new size, and spared myself the grief of even trying. Of course, my pre-baby suit was a cute little bikini, so I didn't even HAVE to put that on to know that I would scare away everyone at the pool if I showed up in it.