19 May 2009

Now It Gets Really Messy


Wendy said...

Heh, just you wait. We're in the Independent stage (okay, well, yes, it may not be a "stage" with Tay, but whatever), where she insists on feeding herself with a spoon, but just doesn't have the coordination to do it well yet. So yeah, yogurt, spaghetti, all of that. Fun. Especially with one parent who probably IS OCD and another who has strong traits.

I can't believe how big Annika is getting. These babies are growing up way too fast!

Jennifer said...

Getting there. Annika sometimes takes the baby food and sometimes bats the spoon away. But if I give her the spoon or the bowl she's reaching for, she just uses it as paint on her tray...very little goes into her mouth.

For Tay, I read that for that stage, you can thicken up stuff like yogurt with the baby cereal so it is thick enough to stick to the spoon or so she can use her fingers. May cut down on the spillage.

Wendy said...

I showed Tay the pics of Annika here - told her it was Baby Annika, to which she kept saying, "Baby Bobischka." I'm thinking it should stick. Bobischka. I like.