04 May 2010

One Thing After Another

Let’s see…on Saturday afternoon, Katrina said, “My throat kind of hurts.” By bedtime, the “kind of” was gone and we dosed her with Children’s Tylenol. At 3 am, she was up crying, so we gave her some more Children’s Tylenol. Then, she couldn’t get back to sleep. For about an hour or so.

Sunday morning, a friend posted that Children’s Tylenol had been recalled. Yes, the very bottle I had used the previous night. Also, our unopened bottle of Children’s Motrin. Katrina’s throat still hurt, and she was going through cough drops at an alarming rate. Hubby went to the base to get some non-recalled something. Ended up with the Exchange brand (store brand)…the shelves were bare.

Also Sunday morning, I came close to taking off the tip of my finger trying to cut through half-frozen bulk sausage. A nasty cut (partially through the nail, ew) but seems to be healing well.

Monday morning, off to the doctor with both children. Annika’s had a cold for about a week, so I thought it wouldn’t do any harm to check her out as well as Katrina’s throat. The longer we waited (a total of 45 minutes—doc office on Monday is always crowded), the healthier they both looked. “Does your throat still hurt?” I asked Katrina.

“A little bit, once in a while,” she said. Great. Two colds, and a waste of time.

But no. “They both have strep,” the doc proclaimed. “Annika’s is worse, but Katrina has it, too.”

Then I felt bad. Annika has not been sleeping well, but I chalked it up to her stuffed up sinuses. Poor thing doesn’t have the vocabulary to tell us her throat hurts.

“They’ll still be contagious until Wednesday, so no school on Tuesday,” the doc said. Okey-dokey.

So now it’s Tuesday, and through the miracles of antibiotics, Katrina feels perfectly fine. But no school till tomorrow. I did take them both grocery shopping and to the post office with me (and really hoped Annika did not give her strep to the nice older man who always gives her high-fives when we get our cart).

Oh, and then there’s this.



See that gap there? Yeah, we’re not sure that can be fixed. What’s it been? Two weeks? I’ll take it back to the optical shop tomorrow and see. If it can’t be fixed, the child will just have to get the ugly rubber frames that won’t crack.

The eye doctor said as a last resort that he’d give us eye drops to dilate her eyes so that she literally couldn’t see without the glasses. I hate, hate, hate that idea, but we’re getting desperate here. It’s not just that she can’t see very well without them; it’s that if she doesn’t wear them, we have no chance of correcting the vision problem. Also, her eyes will probably cross, bringing on a whole other set of problems.

So that was our week. And it’s only Tuesday.


All right, I can’t leave you all (or me) with such a downer. Here, a typical Saturday morning:


Hubby often makes popcorn for the two of us on Fridays or Saturdays after the kids are in bed, and we save some for the kiddos. It never lasts until breakfast. My children are growing up associating popcorn with Saturday morning. Hey, get rid of the salt and add milk, and you have corn flakes, right?



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Anonymous said...

Well, the good thing about ugly rubber glasses is that they are on an adorable two-year-old and not a crabby teenager. As for popcorn, it's been a family thing for generations. At least they haven't taken up the other family tradition - coffee. Char