31 July 2005


OK, I just finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and...wow. It was incredible. I wasn't all that fond of the previous one, The Order of the Phoenix. It was all right, but kind of muddled.

The ending of Prince was shocking, but not because of the much-ballyhooed death. I saw that one coming--sometime in the series, anyway. No, like a particular episode of Babylon 5 that no one but Jon and my brother would remember, the identity of the killer was the surprise. To me, anyway.

Throughout the whole series, I have been sure that this character was unpleasant, but on the side of good. So his betrayal shocked me, even though it was foreshadowed from the very first chapter.

So for the next book, I'm not nearly as interested in what happens to Harry as I am in how this new/old nemesis turns out. Hopefully, Rowling will devote as much space to this person's background and motivations in the next book as she did to Voldemort's history in this one.


Mr . Weasley said...

Don't say his name.

Matt said...

Your brother's wife also remembered the B5 killer, with a bit of prompting (Vir, right?)

Jennifer said...

Matt, I didn't realize Carol was a B5 fan, too. The reason I remembered that scene was that I used it in conversation as an example of what authors mean when they say that the characters do things that the writer hadn't planned on. JMS said at the time that he fully intended that Londo would kill the king, but that Vir tapped him on the shoulder while he was writing the scene and said "I should do it."

Mr. Weasley, if Dumbledore can say it, I can say it! :)

Wendy said...

OMG!!! I am in a family of Sci Fi GEEKS!!!!