28 July 2005

Peer Pressure

One of the little girls at Katrina's preschool broke her arm over the weekend. She fell off a piece of playground equipment with her mom right there. Something-or-other was dislocated, it looked pretty bad, and an ambulance was called. I think that is the key, there.

This morning on the way to school, Katrina said, "Lauren breaked her arm. She went on an amboolance. It hurt a lot and a lot and a lot." I said something like, "Yes, it did, but it's healing now."

"I'm going to break my arm," she said.


Dave said...

Heh. I can remember thinking that way, too - longing for a medical emergency so a fuss would be made over me. Ah, ego.

Jennifer said...

I was always afraid/anxious about doctors and such, so such a thing would never have occured to me.