22 June 2008

The Daily (Hourly) Cry

I ordered a CD by Sara Groves before all the drama of this week and I just put it in to listen this morning. Haven't gotten past the first song yet. "Song for my Sons." I couldn't find an official video on YouTube, but I did find a pretty good amateur video using the whole song. This mother has daughters, not sons, just like us. But the song works just as well. I can't wait to have video of Katrina and Annika playing together, just like the girls in the video.

I needed the reminder today...life doesn't always go as planned. But God is always there....and so are friends, family, the precious ones who have been given to us and to whom we have been given.


wendy said...

Haha... the little girl trying to get in the locked bedroom door sure looks familiar, doesn't it?

Jennifer said...

Sure does!