06 June 2008

The Fog

My normal state is one of disorganization. It takes a real effort for me to focus and accomplish much of anything minus a deadline (and that deadline must be, like, tomorrow. I am a skilled procrastinator.). After many years of standing in front of the fridge at 5 pm trying to figure out what to make for dinner, I have managed to both start and maintain for a number of years (since Before Katrina, a long span of time, indeed) weekly menu planning and grocery shopping. That's about the only thing that's kinda organized. But I have now descended far below my normal state. I didn't think it was possible.

At the moment, the pregnancy nesting instinct is at war with the pregnancy brain fog. In practice, it looks like this: Must make a list of things to do/buy before baby is born! Must write thank-you notes for baby gifts! Must plan Katrina's birthday party and order random crafts from Oriental Trading!...yawn. Soooo sleepy. Must...take....nap. Oops! Time to pick up Katrina from school. Wait! What have I been doing for the last six hours? What day is this again?

So at some point I will post a few pictures from Katrina's exquisitely cute kindergarten graduation--you know, if I can find the camera and remember how to plug it in. She has one more week of school, which includes two field trips. The child is so DONE with school, and frankly, so am I. Looking forward to NOT badgering her to get dressed as soon as she wakes up. (Instead, said badgering will happen, oh, two hours later or so. She does love her pajamas.)

Oh! and good news! My computer is back from HP in Texas and working again! No more Ominous Beeps of Doom. No more clunky web e-mail interface. I'm so very glad, I might have to take a nap to celebrate.

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