23 June 2008

Fingers and Toes

Quick update: I'm home from the hospital and doing well, with hubby and Grandma playing fetch and carry for me. Annika is staying stable and has gotten back to her birth weight plus about an ounce (as of yesterday). She's sleeping most of the time, so has not taken much nutrition by mouth...too sleepy to suck. But the gastric tube is doing its job.

And now, pictures!


Anonymous said...

Jen and Jon and Katrina and Annika;

Congratulations. Kathy and I are very glad to hear that things are working out. God bless and take care.

Warren & Kathy

Wendy said...

Those little hands and feet look absolutely delicious. What perfectly long, beautiful fingers and toes she has!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, Annika is absolutely beautiful! And you already know I love her name. :-) Much love and good wishes to you and little Annika. And Astrid says hi to new big sister Katrina! Heather Mazzeno

Sarah Moran said...



This serves as a "coupon" for a meal when it's convenient for you all.

Annika is absolutely beautiful. Such grace in those little digits.

Abigail looks forward to meeting her and seeing Katrina again.